Usti Peninsula

(UPDATED 11-2010) Located only 3km from the City Centre, the Usti Peninsula is part of a regeneration area that takes in Krasne Brezno and Nestemice which are both run-down areas with the advantage of a waterfront location on the River Elbe. A masterplan is being drawn up by Prague-based architects, Casua in association with Arcadis.
The City’s Strategic Development Department is fully prepared to talk to investors about residential, leisure and commercial opportunities.
Mr Jan Řeřicha Deputy Mayor of Usti nad Labem said:
“We are looking for developers who share our vision for our city. Our waterfront offers huge potential for investors and we are ready to help by providing local knowledge of the economy and planning regime and also by introducing our team who are experienced in EU and National funding.” 
Usti nad Labem is among the top ten cities in the Czech Republic. It has a population of around 100,000 and is located close to the German Border. Indeed Freiberg and Dresden are closer to Usti than Czech capital Prague. It is also the administrative capital of a region of 1 million inhabitants, a catchment area that is further enhanced by 3 million just over the border in Germany.
Its backbone is the River Elbe, and the city and its surroundings offer attractive and easily accessible recreational facilities including water sports, downhill and cross country skiing, historical sights, and opportunities for hiking and cycling in the picturesque scenery of the Bohemian Uplands and the River Elbe valley.


The city cooperates with the Usti Region in a project called CircUse (Circular Flow Land Use Management) from CENTRAL EUROPE programme. CircUse supports participating regions in urban sprawl minimising, econimic crisis and population aging effects. The project promotes interim use concept as the effective tool for municipal management. The project works commenced in March 2010 and will be finished in February 2013. Detailed information in English to be found at

Revitalisation of Krasne Brezno and Nestemice is dealt with as one of the pilot projects within the CircUse project. We wish to link it to the urban study that had been put together in 2008 and showed maximum area potential. Now the study needs to be contextualised with local economic and property market background. Therefore it is necessary to get a redevelopment feasibility study for the lokality from reputable real estate adviser. The study shall recommend further important steps and brings arise of chance to attract an investor into the area. The study should evaluate the Penninsula role as a motor of local development or review JESSICA financial instrument.

Two CircUse project colleagues visited the city of Ústí nad Labem on 9th September 2010 to see Krasne Brzeno in person. Anna Starzewska-Sikorska from the Institute of ecology of industrial areas in Katowice and Uwe Ferber from the German urban institute had looked on streets Drazdanska, U Podjezdu, U Cukrovaru, Pristavni and both the old and the new port.